All-Purpose Concrete Level

It is 10 feet long. It have level bubble to make sure the concrete surface is level

Full Description:
As you drag the concrete down. You are watch the level bubble at the same. So that the concrete surface is being level. If the concrete is level when it is wet. It will dry level. That will lead to a perfect concrete surface. That will save contractors money. Most of the time contractors have to rent a grinder to level bad concrete work. That can cost thousands of dollars. This invention will solve that problem. This is an upgrade of the rest of the concrete level. I have 30 years experience. I talk to many concrete finish. They like this idea. They believe it will sell.

Problem this idea/invention addresses:
It will level wet concrete in a foundation.

Auxiliary products or services for sale:
It will take raw material like aluminum. I am looking for a manufacturer. That is connected to retailers. I would like to sell my patent for $50,000 and 25% commission on retail. That is very reasonable for a Billion product. Do your research on concrete products. Concrete finish will try something new to make easier. I am a witness to that.

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Invention #12186
Date posted: 2017-05-19

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