Two in One Conduit Cutter/Support

The uses of this product are to ease pipe cutting and to serve as wire support; use mostly for electrical field

Full Description:
The container has two holes of ½ inch, two holes of ¾ inch and 2 holes a 1 inch, each facing each other with their respective size; therefore, when the product is used to cut electric conduit (metallic tubing, PVC conduit) the product provides better support to cut. The three different sizes of holes provide with the most standardize size of tubing on the market. As a result, could be used not only on the electrical field; as well could be used for Plumbers, Gas Technicians, and others trades where often, pipe cutting is a must.

Use as a Wire Stand
Is recommended to use the two holes of 1 inch and a piece of 1 inch; Electrical Metallic Tubing (EMT) 3 feet long through them. The rolls of wire will be supported by the 1 inch EMT conduit, and the conduit is held by the plastic device

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Invention #12244
Date posted: 2018-02-19

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