Inventors Wanted

Got a Better Mouse Trap?

You are an inventor. You are creative, can look at things from a different perspective and envision different ways of doing or building something. You are a highly original thinker who looks for new ways to solve problems or improve on existing inventions. Below are three outlets for your creativity:

Inventors Mouse Trap

Confidential Challenges

Register to become one of our problem solvers and receive exclusive invitations to confidential challenges that clients ask us to solve. You will work online with a team of 3 or 4 solvers, lead by a facilitator, to come up with unique, creative solutions. The invitations you receive will be matched to your unique abilities and strengths.

Sell Your Invention

You have already created an invention and are looking for ways to market and sell it. IdeaConnection provides you with an outlet to list your already developed invention for sale. We market your invention to people who have subscribed to invention notification, and also promote it in our weekly Innovation Newsletter. Our community of "crowdsellers" are eagar to search their networks for parties that may be interested in purchasing your invention.

Whichever way you choose to participate in using your creativy and inventive prowess, we welcome your ingenuity and your passion for innovation!