Open Innovation Technology Portal

Your Personalized Open Innovation Technology Portal

To successfully compete, companies need to expand their ability to identify new products, new technologies and new opportunities.

What can a Portal Do for You?

An open innovation portal can help your company solicit and find new and emerging technology opportunities and solutions to problems by providing a secure place for inventors, scientists and technology owners to submit their technologies to you.

The problem is that running a successful Open Innovation portal can be challenging, and expensive.

IdeaConnection will launch your company's Open Innovation portal quickly and easily. Other open innovation intermediaries are charging many thousands of dollars more for such a service.

What you Get:

  • An Open Innovation Portal that is branded with your company’s logo and colors
  • Functionality to receive technology opportunities confidentially
  • Exposure on, the busiest open innovation website on the net
  • The ability to post specific technology needs and requests
  • A back end system that stores your submissions and lets you archive all of the data in excel format
  • Free marketing of your technology requests in IdeaConnection's Innovation Newsletter.

IdeaConnection is not involved in any way with any transactions conducted via your portal. Your sole responsibility is to accept or reject submissions in a timely fashion.

Once you have an Open Innovation Portal on IdeaConnection’s platform, you will have optional access to:

  • An Open Innovation Suite of services at your fingertips, including technology scouting, R&D problem solving, Idea Rallies, recruiting, and more
  • Additional exposure to thousands of scientists, problem solvers and IP owners
  • Marketing campaigns for your portal or specific technology needs
  • Technical writers to help you define and write your technology needs

Why are we offering you a Portal at such a low Price?

  1. IdeaConnection passionately believes in the power of Open Innovation, and believes that by helping companies be successful with their Open Innovation programs, we will all benefit.
  2. This is a new service being launched by IdeaConnection. By offering the service at the low price of $9,995 per year, we are able to hit the ground running with an exciting new service.
  3. Our member base is made up of scientists, technology owners and developers, problem solvers and thought leaders. Many of these people are seeking to license or sell their technologies.
  4. With over 70,000 pages on its website, IdeaConnection has one of the largest collections of resources for Open Innovation on the internet. Adding specific companies' technology needs is an excellent additional resource.

What will my Open Innovation Portal look like?

Have a look at the OI Portal template. You will customize your portal with your own logo, images, guidelines, descriptive text and technology needs.

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