IdeaConnection offers a full compliment of Problem Solvers who can tackle your challenges in almost any area of business, technology and science.
IdeaConnection Confidential Challenges

Sensitive challenges can be kept confidential, and solvers limited to our curated, carefully selected experts. Take a look at excerpts from some of the thousands of Problem Solvers that are ready to work on your challenge. There are some amazing people here with incredible skills. [EXCERPTS FROM PROBLEM SOLVERS]

Here is a list shows you some of the categories that Problem Solvers are experts in. [PROBLEM SOLVERS AVAILABLE]

Solvers work in our online ThinkSpace® and are supplied with a facilitator for each team that is working on your challenge. The facilitator helps to keep the team focused and motivated. IdeaConnection has some very accomplished facilitators that are available to work with your challenge team. [SAMPLE FACILITATORS]

There is never a question of IP ownership. The paying client owns it. And, if our teams don't solve your problem to your satisfaction – you pay absolutely nothing!

Public Challenges

Public challenges can take advantage of IdeaConnection's years of marketing experience and are open to the crowd. We can design and host your challenge website, or simply provide exposure and participants if your challenge is already up and running.

Whether public or confidential, contact us today to discuss your challenge requirements.

Contact us at +1-877-525-6671 or [EMAIL] us today.

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