Fluid turbine

A shaft-less axial flow (inline) turbine for insertion into a fluid pipe, providing pressure regulation and by doing so generating useable energy. A turbine rotor 104 may be the only moving part of the turbine. The flowing fluid 301 may provide a hydrodynamic bearing 309 between the rotor 104 and a turbine casing 205. The rotor 104 may include a plurality of magnets, and a stator may include a plurality of wire coils to generate electricity. The stator may be located within the casing 205 or outside a non-magnetic casing 205. The turbine may comprise a flange plates to allow connection to a pipe-line, the diameter of the turbine preferably being equal or less than the diameter of the flange plates. Rotor blades 102 may be engineered in composite material(s) or other appropriate low density material(s). An electrical load on the turbine may be controlled by at least one downstream pressure sensor, thus regulating the downstream pressure. An upstream pressure sensor may also be used, thus regulating the pressure difference across the turbine.

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