Insertion Assembly for Minimally Invasive Spinal Surgery

A telescopic insertion assembly is configured to insert a pedicle screw into a vertebral body. The insertion assembly includes an attachment fixture having one end configured to mate with the pedicle screw and another end having a ridged portion. A center tube is provided having one end slidably attached to the attachment fixture and another end having an internally ridged portion. A telescoping member has one ridged end configured to slidably attach to the center tube and another end having a yoke. The telescoping member is configured to extend the yoke to different distances from the center tube. An alignment member is configured to hingeably attach to the yoke of the telescoping member. The alignment member is configured to rotate from a first position to a second position. The second position of the alignment member is above a top surface of a patient's skin.

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US 20,100,049,206

Inventor(s): BIYANI ASHOK [US]

Type of Offer: Sale

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