Transpedicular Access to the Intervertebral Disc Space for Discectomy, End Plate Preparation, and Interbody Fusion

An insertion device is configured to access a disc positioned between adjacent vertebrae. The insertion device includes a cannula having a passage formed therein. The cannula has an exit aperture. An obturator is substantially positioned within the passage formed in the cannula. One end of the obturator has a probe and the other end of the obturator has a head. An impaction cap is in contact with the cannula and is positioned to cover the head of the obturator. The impaction cap is configured to allow at least a portion of the cannula to be inserted through a portion of one vertebra without deployment of the probe of the obturator through the exit aperture of the cannula.

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US 20,100,004,651

Inventor(s): BIYANI ASHOK [US]

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