A walking aid with a means for effectively varying its length during use

A walking aid 10 having a means for varying its length being configured to maintain a substantially constant vertically resolved distance between the user and the ground when the aid is tilted from a substantially vertical orientation during normal use. The crutch comprises a shaft member 12 having a foot portion 20 at an end of the shaft member, and a grip portion 16 distal the foot portion, with the foot portion being arranged to contact the ground, and the grip portion being configured to support a portion of a body of a user. The foot portion includes an extender portion which comprises an arcuate track member, while the shaft member is provided with a slide element which is arranged to engage with the track member and be slidable along it. The slide element moves from a first position to a second position, thus allowing the user to swing their body from a position rearward of the foot portion to a position forward of the foot portion, enabling a smooth wobble-free movement.

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