Amphiphilic Block Copolymer and Method for Preparing Same

The invention relates to an amphiphilic block copolymer, to the preparation thereof, and to the use thereof in the form of a self-stabilizing latex. The copolymer has the formula R5O-[-CH2CH2-O-]n-C(=O)-CR3R4-[CH2CR6R7]m-S-C(=S)-S-R1 where: R1 is a straight or branched alkyl group, an alkenyl group having one or more -C=C- bonds, or an alkynyl group having one or more -C=C- bonds, said groups including 8 to 18 carbon atoms; 20=n=100; R3 and R4 each are independently H, an alkyl group with 1 to 4 carbon atoms, or a nitrile group, at least one of R3 and R4 being different than H; R6 is a phenyl group or an alkoxycarbonyl group in which the alkoxy group includes 1 to 8 carbon atoms; R7 is a hydrogen atom or a methyl radical; and 20=m=1000. The preparation method comprises: preparing an aqueous solution of a compound R1-S-C(=S)-S-CR3R4-C(=O)-OR2 in which R2 is R5-[-O-CH2CH2-]n-, R5 being a hydrophilic group and 20=n=100; adding to said solution one or more hydrophobic monomers of the formula (II) R6-CR7=CH2 and a free radical polymerisation initiator; and heating said aqueous solution to a temperature of 60-90 DEG C.

WO 2,009,147,338


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