Method for Hybridizing Nucleic Acids

The invention relates a method for manipulating, isolating, detecting or amplifying a target nucleic acid in a sample by hybridization with an oligonucleotide-oligocation molecule, comprising allowing said nucleic acid to react with an oligonucleotide- oligocation of structure I A i B j H (I) wherein . A i is an i-mer oligonucleotide residue, with i = 3 to 50, where nucleotide A is an oligomer with naturally or non naturally occurring nucleobases and/or pentafuranosyl groups and/or native phosphodiester bonds, optionally comprising a marker group . B j is a j-mer organic oligocation moiety, with j = 1 to 50, where B is - HPO 3 -R 1 -CH(R 2 X)-R 3 -O-, where R 1 is lower alkylene, R 2 and R 3 , identical or different, are lower alkylene and X is putrescine, spermidine or spermine residue.

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