Method for Verification of Electrical Coreless Coils

The invention applies to electrical engineering and more specifically to the electrical coils insulation research. Its aim is to create a verification system, in which the coreless coil shortly is exposed to high voltage, and high frequency sinusoidal voltage in resonant chain, recognizing the fact of withholding regime within a specified time interval, identifies non-demaged insulation in the form of coil voltage amplitude unchanged, which confirms the resonance regime. If the insulation is damaged the chain can't pass the resonant regime and coil's voltage amplitude reduces. The essence ot the invention is as follows: the coreless coil testing method, chart diagram of which is shown in Fig.1, is characterised by use of high frequency voltage, includes the effect present with high frequency pulse voltage and current measurement in the coil placed in series with the capacitor. The power source makes them operate at resonant frequency, and the impact of such treatment on the coil winding isolation process is supervised by checking of the coil voltage range in specified time interval. Further process is stopped automatically if winding isolation is broken. Voltage amplitude's value is provided for control unit, which records a sharp decrease in the coil's voltage.

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