Dc Electrical Drive of Ac Electrical Train

Invention corresponds to electrical engineering and more precisely to electrical drives of AC electrical trains. Target of invention is to improve energetic parameters of AC electrical trains DC electrical drives in respect to the supply contact network. Target is reached to introduce in system of multi-level controlled rectifier of traction motor drive with supply from input transformer with several sections of the secondary winding connection of the one section through reactor to a single phase an active transistors-diodes rectifier with a capacitor at its DC output and control of the active rectifier is realized from output of comparator of two signals one of which is effecting comparator directly and obtained from sensor of current inserted in the circuit of the primary winding of transformer, but other, effecting comparator inverse, is obtained from junction multiplying signal of motor current sensor with signal of averaged value of motor voltage and sinus shape alternating voltage and high logical level output signal of comparator turn-on those two transistors of the active rectifier providing its capacitor's generated current through the reactor to the drive, but low level output signal turn-on those two transistors which provides generated by capacitor current from the drive.

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