Sorbent for Collection of the Flowed Out Petroleum Products

The invention relates to the field of ecology, in particular to the materials and technologies, intended for the collecting petroleum products flowed out in the water, ground cover or on the surface of other materials. It is proposed the sorbent that contains the fine dispersed particles of material with the branched surface and the magnetic properties, intended for collecting flowed out petroleum products from water surface, terrain (soil) or other objects. There is described sorbent produced on basis of the iron powder having particle size from 10 to 200 microns. One sorbent-version is made from powder-like wastes formed in the filters during manufacturing iron and steel powders. There is offered another sorbent being made on basis of the mill scale. Comparing the offered solution with known versions, the invented one has following preferences: a) Technical - it ensures the possibility to remove petroleum products from the water surface and also from solid objects; b) Economical - the decision allows to use technological wastes of metallurgical processes by production of iron powder, and the used sorbent could be useful for production of thermal energy by burning thereof; c) Ecological - the offered sorbents made on basis of iron powder do not influence environment harmfully.

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