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Systems and Methods for Capture and Sequestration of Gases and Compositions Derived Therefrom

A method of sequestering a greenhouse gas is described, which comprises: (i) providing a solution carrying a first reagent that is capable of reacting with a greenhouse gas; (ii) contacting the solution with a greenhouse gas under conditions that promote a reaction between the at least first reagent and the greenhouse gas to produce at least a first reactant; (iii) providing a porous matrix having interstitial spaces and comprising at least a second reactant; (iv) allowing a solution carrying th

Sorbent for Collection of the Flowed Out Petroleum Products

The invention relates to the field of ecology, in particular to the materials and technologies, intended for the collecting petroleum products flowed out in the water, ground cover or on the surface of other materials. It is proposed the sorbent that contains the fine dispersed particles of material with the branched surface and the magnetic properties, intended for collecting flowed out petroleum products from water surface, terrain (soil) or other objects. There is described sorbent produced o

Process for the Capture of Carbon Dioxide

The invention provides a method for the capture of carbon dioxide gas which comprises contacting the carbon dioxide with at least one acid or a salt thereof, wherein said acid has a pKa value in the range of from 0 to 14, and said acid does not include an amino group. The at least one acid or a salt thereof may be in a solid or liquid form, but preferably comprises an aqueous solution. The acid may be inorganic or organic. Preferred acids have pKa values in the range from 4 to 13. Suitable organ

Process for Reducing Carbon Dioxide Emissions

A process for removing carbon dioxide from seawater by intercepting the cold upwelling ocean water at depth (12) and extracting a proportion of dissolved inorganic carbon before it warms up at the ocean surface (13) emitting carbon dioxide into the atmosphere (15).

Gas Exploration Software for Reducing Uncertainty in Gas Concentration Estimates

APPLICATIONS OF TECHNOLOGY: Improve estimation of reservoir parameters and quantify uncertainty in the estimation when exploring for gas and oil deposits using geophysical data ADVANTAGES: • Provides extensive uncertainty information to reduce the chances of drilling in uneconomical locations • Exists in two versions, C++ or Fortran 90 • Provides clear interfaces for users to plug in their own codes for rock-physics models and for forward simulation of seismic AVA and CSEM data •

Bore II - Advanced Wellbore Technology Characterizes Groundwater Flow and Contamination

APPLICATION OF TECHNOLOGY: • Contaminated site and remedial investigation studies • Municipal water supply studies • EPA wellhead protection area and groundwater management/protection studies • Geotechnical pretesting for construction and design ADVANTAGES: • Identifies water-bearing zones and obtains the associated flow rates in real time, facilitating on-site evaluation • Especially suited for fractured or highly heterogeneous porous rock • Tests the entire wellbore and

PhyloChip: DNA Microarray for Rapid Profiling of Microbial Populations

APPLICATIONS OF TECHNOLOGY: • Monitoring airborne bacteria for bioterrorism surveillance • Berkeley Lab’s DNA Microarray for Rapid Profiling of Microbial Populations, also called PhyloChip. • Tracking microbial changes in the atmosphere due to climate change • Detecting harmful and beneficial organisms in water or soil samples • Monitoring bacterial populations during environmental bioremediation • Identifying bacteria and archaea in medical samples without culturing • E

Optical Sedimentation Recorder (OSR) for Tracking the Ocean's Carbon Flux

IB-2196 APPLICATIONS OF TECHNOLOGY: In appearance and size similar to a compressed gas cylinder, the OSR is a multi-platform instrument that: • Precisely measures the ocean’s hourly variations of sedimentation of particulate inorganic and organic carbon material for seasons to years • Combines these measurements in real time (transmitting data via satellite), enabling a first-ever view of the daily changes in particulate carbon sedimentation • Has a neutrally buoyant embodimen

Fluorine Separation and Generation Device

IB-1847 APPLICATIONS: • Point of use fluorine generation, separation, and recycling ADVANTAGES: • Compact solid state system • Extremely high purity fluorine separation, allowing the gas to be recycled on site • Decreases fluorine waste and reduces the amount of fluorine purchased and transported ABSTRACT: The semiconductor industry makes extensive use of gas mixtures that contain fluorine. Many of these substances are harmful and expensive, and must therefore be removed

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