A Method for Regulating Eukaryotic Gene Expression At the Level of Chromatin

The present invention relates to methods for inducing changes in epigenetic gene control in a chromatin domains in eukaryotic cells, and to nucleic acid constructs and host cells for use in such methods. The methods use nucleic acid constructs that are preferablyintegrated at a predetermined chromatin region of the host cell's genome, which nucleic acid construct comprise binding sites for a DNA-binding protein. Proteins that induces or are suspected to induce epigenetic gene control may then be targetedtothe integrated nucleic acid construct by means of fusion to the DNA binding protein. The targeting protein that induces or is suspected to induce epigenetic gene control to the integrated nucleic acid construct then allows to determine its effects on chromatin structure, gene expression, and epigenetic status of the chromatin locus.

WO 2,008,115,054


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