Suprapubic Instrument Used Specifically in Endoscopic Prostate Surgery

The invention relates to a single tool that complements the technique performed by a resectoscope (4), which combines puncturing and subsequently extracting the irrigation liquid and remains of the extracted tissues, optimising said processes and increasing the intervention time, being suitable for treating prostates or larger bladder stones. Said suprapubic instrument (1) includes a puncturing means (10), suitable for making a cut in the outer suprapubic area of the patient, coinciding with the bladder (3), in which the bottom end of the suprapubic instrument (1) will be inserted; an evacuation means (20), which contains the puncture means (10) and is suitable for extracting the irrigation liquid injected by a resectoscope (4); and a connection means (30) suitable for securely attaching the puncture means (10) and the evacuation means (20).

WO 2,011,064,416


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