Cell-specifically Effective Molecules on the Basis of Sirna and Application Kits for the Production Thereof and Use Thereof

1. Cell-specifically effective molecules on the basis of siRNA and application kits for the production thereof and use thereof. 2.1. The aim of the invention is to create a link between siRNA and one or more peptides, wherein the siRNA is activated after peptide separation, without the remaining linkers and/or remaining peptide residues significantly impairing the biological efficacy of the siRNA activated in the cell. 2.2. According to the invention, the peptide or peptides (3) are coupled to the SiRNA (2) by way of a special amino Cn linker, for example an amino C6 linker (1), which does not impair or only insignificantly impedes the biological efficacy of the siRNA despite remaining on the SiRNA and despite any peptide residue that may remain. 2.3. Said molecules are used, for example, to influence gene expression or preferably diseased and infected organs or cells or to reduce the expression of desired genes in cell mixtures.

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WO 2,010,102,615


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