Method for Identifying and Validating Dominant T Helper Cell Epitopes Using an HLA-DM-Assisted Class II Binding Assay

Rational design of immunotherapeutics relies on clear knowledge of the immunodominant epitopes of antigens. Current methods for identifying kinetically stable peptide-MHC complexes are in many cases inadequate for a number of reasons. Disclosed herein is a reductionistic system incorporating known participants of MHC class II antigen processing in solution to generate peptide pools from antigens, including those for which no immunodominant epitope has yet been identified, that are highly enriched for proteolytic fragments containing their immunodominant epitopes. HLA-DM-mediated editing contributes significantly to immunodominance and is exploited in discovering immunodominant epitopes from novel or previously uncharacterized antigens, particularly antigens associated with pathogens, tumors or autoimmune diseases.

US 20,110,091,497


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