Functional Near-infrared Spectroscopy As a Monitor for Depth of Anesthesia

Disclosed are methods and devices for measuring a state of anesthesia in a noninvasive manner. Optical techniques may be used to measure changes in a functional near-infrared (fNIR) signal, where the fNIR signal is received in response to directing wavelengths of light in a near-infrared range on a patient. The optical density change may be used to obtain a change in deoxyhemoglobin (deoxy-Hb) concentration and/or a change in an oxyhemoglobin concentration (oxy-Hb). The changes in the deoxy-Hb and/or the oxy-Hb may then be compared to determine a state of anesthesia. The effect of artifacts (e.g., strong surgery room lighting, patient-table tilting, patient intubation/extubation) on the fNIR signal may be removed using a noise removal algorithm.; In selecting the noise removal algorithm, a switching technique may be used to select the component analysis algorithm, such as a principal component analysis (PCA), an independent component analysis (ICA), or the like.

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