Vocal Cord Augmentation Utilizing Muscle-Derived Progenitor Compositions, and Treatments Thereof

The present invention provides muscle-derived progenitor cells that show long-term survival following transplantation into body tissues and which can augment vocal cord tissue following introduction (e.g. via injection, transplantation, or implantation) into the vocal cords. Also provided are methods of isolating muscle-derived progenitor cells, and methods of genetically modifying the cells for gene transfer therapy. The invention further provides methods of using compositions comprising muscle-derived progenitor cells for the augmentation and bulking of mammalian, including human, vocal cords in the treatment of various cosmetic or functional conditions, including vocal cord tissue weakness, voice and swallowing disorders. The invention also relates to the novel use of MDCs for the increase of vocal cord tissue mass in speakers, singers or other people in need of greater than average vocal cord tissue mass.

US 20,100,233,138


Type of Offer: Licensing

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