Anti-cancer Therapeutic Strategy to Overcome Cancer Resistance and to Enable Tailoring Treatment to Patients

A gene construct comprising a programmed-cell-death executioner gene having a nuclear localization signal, a deleted signal peptide, an actin-resistant binding site, a promoter, and an activator. A method of making a gene construct, by modifying a programmed-cell-death executioner gene by adding a nuclear localization signal, deleting a signal peptide, mutating a binding site for an inhibitor to make it actin- resistant, adding a promoter for exclusive expression in selected cells, and adding an activator. A method of eliminating undesired cells from a patient. A method of treating cancer. An array comprising at least two gene constructs each having different killer genes at their core and different nuclear localization signals. A method of personalizing anti-cancer treatment. A method of increasing DNase 1 resistance to actin binding. A method of increasing catalytic activity of DNase 1 binding.

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WO 2,011,031,467

Inventor(s): ROSNER KARLI [US]

Type of Offer: Licensing

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