Pharmaceutical Agent for the Treatment of Fertility and Gestation Disorders, Immunological Diseases, and Transplantation for Use in Veterinary Medicine, Particularly in Horses, and Methods for the Pro

The invention relates to pharmaceutical agents for the treatment of fertility and pregnancy disorders, and immunological diseases (autoimmune diseases) and transplantation, and a method for the production thereof for use in veterinary medicine, particularly in horses. According to the invention, a protein constituent of equine chorionic gonadotropin (eCG) or a nucleic acid sequence (ecg) coding for a protein constituent of equine chorionic gonadotropin is utilized for the treatment or diagnosis of pregnancy disorders, particularly of fertility disorders, implantation disorders, premature loss of pregnancies, imminent and habitual abortion, premature delivery, and growth retardation, and for the treatment and diagnostics of infectological and immunological diseases, arthritis and ischemia, for facilitating transplantation, for cycle synchronization,; and for contraception in veterinary medicine, particularly for perissodactyla, particularly in equines.

EP 2,148,694


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