Method for Modifying the Refractive Index of Ocular Tissues

A method for providing vision correction to a patient. The method includes: (a) measuring the degree of vision correction needed by the patient and determining the location and shape of refractive structures that need to be positioned within the cornea to partially correct a patient's vision; (b) directing and focusing femtosecond laser pulses in the blue spectral region within the cornea at an intensity high enough to change the refractive index of the cornea within a focal region, but not high enough to damage the cornea or to affect cornea tissue outside of the focal region; and (c) scanning the laser pulses across a volume of the cornea or the lens to provide the focal region with refractive structures in the cornea or the lens. Again, the refractive structures are characterized by a change in refractive index, and exhibit little or no scattering loss.

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US 20,110,071,509


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