Flame Ionization Detector

The flame ionization detector, which has a feed and an ignition device (7) for the fuel gas, a feed for the sample gas, a combustion chamber (4) in which the sample gas is ionized by the flame, and electrodes (8, 1) to which a voltage is applied in order to generate and measure the ion current, is distinguished by the fact that it is constructed as an integrated planar system from at least three parallel lamellar substrates (1, 2, 3) which are connected to one another and are processed using microsystem technology methods, wherein a middle substrate (1) has nozzles (5, 6) for the gases and the ignition device (7) and a recess which forms part of the combustion chamber (4) which is completed with recesses in the adjacent substrates (2, 3) and is essentially closed, together with the nozzle region, by these substrates (2, 3), and the adjacent substrates (2, 3) have feed channels (10, 11); for the gases.

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WO 2,009,036,854


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