Belief Propagation for Generalized Matching

Entities may be matched to enhance the efficiency of various commercial activities using various system and method embodiments of the disclosed subject matter. Belief propagation on a graph data structure defining a bipartite or unipartite matching opportunity is used to calculate a best matching. In embodiments, functions are implemented based upon the match, such as executing sales between matched buyers and sellers in an online auction system. In embodiments, messages with scalar values carry information about the relative value of possible matchings, initially provided as weights or values for the possible matchings. Weights may depend on, for example, bids or costs. Messages may be passed, for example over a network between processors respective to the nodes. Belief values reflecting a best matching can be continuously updated for each node responsively to the value information and received messages to rank the matches respective to each node, which progressively improve. This allows short or complete terminations conditions to determine the goodness of the matching. Differing numbers of matches respective to each member of the disjoint sets and distributions of the desirability of different numbers of matches can be integrated in the matchings in respective embodiments.

US 20,110,040,619


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