Direct Bandgap Substrates and Methods of Making and Using

An indirect bandgap thin film semiconductor circuit can be combined with a compound semiconductor LED such as to provide an active matrix LED array that can have high luminous capabilities such as for a light projector application. In another example, a highly efficient optical detector is achievable through the combination of indirect and direct bandgap semiconductors. Applications can include display technologies, light detection, MEMS, chemical sensors, or piezoelectric systems. An LED array can provide structured illumination, such as for a light and pattern source for projection displays, such as without requiring spatial light modulation (SLM). An example can combine light from separate monolithic light projector chips, such as providing different component colors. An example can provide full color from a single monolithic light projector chip, such as including selectively deposited phosphors, such as to contribute individual component colors to an overall color of a pixel.

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