Amplifiers with Depletion and Enhancement Mode Thin Film Transistors and Related Methods

In one embodiment, an apparatus comprises an integrated circuit comprising an amplifier. The amplifier can comprise a first transistor over a substrate of the integrated circuit, and a second transistor over the substrate and coupled to the first transistor. The first transistor can comprise a first source terminal, a first drain terminal, and a first gate terminal. The second transistor can comprise a second source terminal, a second drain terminal, and a second gate terminal. An input node of the amplifier can be coupled to the second transistor, such as to the second gate terminal. An output node of the amplifier can be coupled between the first and second transistors, such as by coupling the second drain terminal and the first source terminal together at the output node. In the same or other embodiments, the first and second transistors comprise thin film transistors, and the substrate comprises a flexible substrate. The first transistor comprises a threshold voltage alterable from an initial threshold voltage value to a target threshold voltage value, and the first gate terminal the first source terminal are configured to be selectively coupled together. Other examples and embodiments are described herein.

WO 2,011,071,573


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