Novel Monomer-Free Light-Cured Glass-Ionomer System for Improved Dental Restoratives

Glass-ionomer cements are one of the most promising restoratives in dentistry. Since their invention, these cements have been successfully applied in dentistry for more than 25 years. The success of these cements is attributed to the facts that they are known for their unique properties such as direct adhesion to tooth structure and base metals, anticariogenic properties due to release of fluoride, thermal compatibility with tooth enamel and dentin because of low coefficients of thermal expansion similar to that of tooth structure, minimized micro leakage at the tooth-enamel interface due to low shrinkage, and low cytotoxicity. This technology developed at Indiana University increases the mechanical properties of a glass-ionomer, thereby allowing it to be used in type I and type II dental carriers.

* Increased Strength
* Improved Biocompatibility

Fig 1: A comparison of the mechanical properties of various commercial products to the newly developed restorative compound (EXPGIC is the compound developed at IUPUI)

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Inventor(s): Dong Xie, Ph.D.

Type of Offer: Licensing

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