Methods for Applying Brain Synchronization to Epilepsy and Other Dynamical Disorders

For analyzing a multi-component system, a method acquires a plurality of signals, each having a different spatial location of the multi-component system, and generates dynamic profiles for each of the plurality of signals. Each of the plurality of dynamic profiles reflects dynamic characteristics of the corresponding signal in accordance with each one of a plurality of dynamic measures. The method selects pairs of dynamic profiles from the acquired dynamic profiles based on a predetermined level of synchronization and generates a statistical measure for each of the selected plurality of pairs of dynamic profiles. The method characterizes state dynamics of the multi-component system as a function of at least one of the generated statistical measures, and generates a signal indicative of the characterized state dynamics of the multi-component system. The method enables seizure detection, seizure prediction, seizure focus localization, differential diagnosis of epilepsy and evaluation of seizure intervention strategies

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WO 2,009,043,039


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