Re-engineered UV Damage Endonuclease, Compositions and Methods

Provided are methods and compositions for reducing damage to skin by ultraviolet light and other agents that cause distortion to double stranded DNA and methods for reducing damage to other organs due to such DNA distortion. These compositions comprise a novel truncated UV damage endonuclease (a truncated derivative of Uvde 1 (UVDE, Uvelp) of Schizosaccharomyces pombe) in conjunction with a cell penetrating peptide, together with components suitable for topical application or other administration to a human or animal in need of treatment to reduce damage to due distortion of double-stranded DNA. Methods for reducing DNA distortion-induced damage or deterioration of condition comprise the step of administering a composition comprising the truncated Uvde 1 of the present invention in conjunction with a fused cell penetration peptide or with a noncovalently bound cell penetration peptide to the skin or other organ, or by other route of administration. Compositions for topical application are also useful for cosmetic or cosmeceutical use.

US 20,090,130,034   [MORE INFO]


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