Predictive and Diagnostic Methods for Cancer

The present disclosure encompasses methods of diagnosing the presence of a cancer, and particularly a cancer of prostate or breast tissue, in a human subject, predicting the outcome or severity of the disease and methods of reversing the prostate cell transformation based on the presence or absence in the human subject of a dinucleotide (TT) deletion in the gene encoding the U50 snoRNA. Provided, therefore, are methods of identifying a genetic marker of a human subject indicating a cancerous tissue in the human subject, embodiments of the methods comprising: determining from an isolated nucleic acid sample the genotype of the human subject with respect to a locus encoding a snoRNA U50, where a mutation within the nucleotide sequence encoding a snoRNA U50, when compared with a wild-type nucleotide sequence encoding a snoRNA U50, identifies in the human subject a genetic marker associated with a cancer in the human subject. The cancer may be, but is not necessarily limited to, a prostate cancer or a breast cancer.

US 20,090,181,397


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