Coated Quantum Dots and Methods of Making and Using Thereof

The present disclosure provides embodiments of a new class of hydroxylated quantum dots. The quantum dots have a hydroxylated coat disposed thereon, and which serves to minimize non-specific cellular binding and to maintain the small size of quantum dot probes. Embodiments of the coated quantum dots of the disclosure are just slightly larger than the diameter of uncoated quantum dots, and are bright with high quantum yields. They are also very stable under both basic and acidic conditions. Embodiments of the hydroxylated quantum dots result in significant reductions in non-specific binding relative to that of carboxylated dots, and to protein and PEG-coated dots. Embodiments of the disclosure are advantageous in a range of biological applications where non-specific binding is a major problem, such as in multiplexed biomarker staining in cells and tissues, detection of biomarkers in body fluid samples (blood, urine, etc.), as well as live cell imaging.

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WO 2,009,100,203


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