Method for Identifying Individual Viruses in a Sample

The problem of the invention consisted in identifying individual viruses in an arbitrary sample quickly, unambiguously and reliably, and with the least possible preparation-related and technology-related expenditure, without necessitating immobilization using antibodies and without requiring an indication or at least a suspicion of potentially present viruses. According to the invention, the height profile of the sample is scanned, from which scanning sites suspected of containing viruses are selected, exposed to monochromatic excitation light and analyzed spectroscopically with respect to the resulting Raman scattered light.

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WO 2,010,028,614

Inventor(s): POPP, Jürgen; (DE). DECKERT, Volker; (DE). NAUMANN, Dieter; (DE). MÖLLER, Robert; (DE). CIALLA, Dana; (DE).

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