Methods of Treating Diastolic Dysfunction and Related Conditions

The invention provides a method of treating diastolic dysfunction, e.g., diastolic dysfunction with preserved ejection fraction, in a subject. The method comprises administering to the subject in an amount effective to treat the diastolic dysfunction a cardiac metabolic modifier comprising a structure of Formula I, as described herein. In some embodiments, the diastolic dysfunction is characterized by (i) a lack of increased late INa in cardiomyocytes, (ii) an increase in myofilament calcium sensitivity, or (iii) a combination thereof. In some embodiments, the subject does not suffer from a cardiac injury or a structural heart disease, as described herein. Further provided are a method of treating heart failure with preserved ejection fraction in a subject, a method of modulating myofilament calcium sensitivity in a subject, and a method of treating a condition associated with or caused by increased myofilament calcium sensitivity.

WO 2,011,032,099

Inventor(s): DUDLEY SAMUEL [US]

Type of Offer: Licensing

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