Marking Clip for an Area of the Inside Wall of the Stomach Or Intestine

The invention relates to marking clips for an area of the inside wall of the stomach or intestine. These are characterized in particular by the fact that damaged or treated areas of the inside wall of the stomach or intestine can be easily identified and in this way can be easily found again. For this purpose, a housing accommodates at least one lighting means interconnected with a primary element via a contactlessly actuatable switch, wherein the primary element housing made of metal is at the same time an object that can easily be assigned to the marking clip. Moreover, the housing is connected to a body in the form of a clamp made of a resorbable material for securing to the inside wall of the stomach or intestine, wherein either the clamping jaws of the clamp are connected to each other via at least one spring element, which presses the clamping jaws onto each other and at the same time is a component part of the body, or at least one clamping ring is arranged on the clamping jaws of the clamp.

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WO 2,010,012,800

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