Electron Injection-controlled Microcavity Plasma Device and Arrays

An embodiment of the invention is a microcavity plasma device that can be controlled by a low voltage electron emitter. The microcavity plasma device includes driving electrodes disposed proximate to a microcavity and arranged to contribute to generation of plasma in the microcavity upon application of a driving voltage. An electron emitter is arranged to emit electrons into the microcavity upon application of a control voltage. The electron emitter is an electron source having an insulator layer defining a tunneling region. The microplasma itself can serve as a second electrode necessary to energize the electron emitter. While a voltage comparable to previous microcavity plasma devices is still imposed across the microcavity plasma devices, control of the devices can be accomplished at high speeds and with a small voltage, e.g., about 5V to 30V in preferred embodiments.

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WO 2,009,055,786

Inventor(s): EDEN, J., Gary; (US). CHEN, Kuo-Feng; (US).

Type of Offer: Licensing

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