live muscle engine

The aim is to use living muscle tissues as transducers,they will convert glucose into motion or work.USE OF GLUCOSE AS RENEWABLE SOURCE OF ENERGY (THE LIVE MUSCLE ENGINE) The most efficient transducer is the living muscle it converts almost 50% of the glucose it gets from the blood into energy(motion) while the remaining percentage is converted to heat which the body and enzymes need to carry out there metabolic processes.
Since there is much talk about renewable energy due to the much dependency on oil which is quickly running out and at the same time causing global warming. I have an invention that can deal with both these problems. The basis of this solution is the muscle; it can eliminate all the problems we are facing because of its unique capabilities of producing much work using so little glucose.
If we could take a muscle tissue and use it to run a crank shaft instead of the pistons in a car engine as it is today I believe we would have made one of the most efficient machine ever made in the world, because it would use less money to fuel it using a glucose solution while doing the same work a car running on petroleum products as fuel.
I have started working on the design of the above stated engine which I have given the name “THE MUSCLE ENGINE” I can provide whatever work I have already done so far if given the opportunity. And we can lead in the quest of solving the energy and global warming crises the world is facing at this time.

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