High Temperature Solder Materials

A solder material is formed utilizing a transient liquid phase sintering process, where a precursor material is first formed. The precursor material comprises a plurality of metal particles including a first metal having a first melting point temperature and a second metal having a second melting point temperature, the first melting point temperature being greater than the second melting point temperature. The precursor material is heated to a process temperature (Tp) that is greater than the second melting point temperature and less than the first melting point temperature, and the precursor material is isothermally held at the process temperature (Tp) for a preselected holding period so as to form a metal alloy material having a melting point temperature that is greater than the process temperature. The solder material can be used to bond two components together in a device specified for use at an application temperature (Ta), where Ta/Tp>1.

US 20,100,096,043


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