Sensor for Detecting Compounds

The present invention relates to a sol-gel sensor capable of a color change via a charge-transfer mechanism upon detection of a chemical and surface contaminant. This invention also provides a decontaminant that cleanses the air and/or surface area by capturing the compound without creating toxic byproducts. The sensors are capable of being affixed to any surface. For example, they can be stuck on a person’s shirt or included in a coating on the surface of an object such as a vehicle.

Potential commercial uses and users:
Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), waste management, metal industries, military, Homeland Security, first responders.

Portable, immediate colorimetric (color change), upon exposure to contaminant compounds, highly sensitive, can be used by non-technical personnel and can be attached to clothing of soldier or any other surface, such as tanks or other vehicles.

Inventor(s): C.T. Lin

Type of Offer: Licensing

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