Implant and Bone Screw Having Interlocking Cams

The invention relates to a fixation device for bones, consisting of an implant (1; 11), having at least one through hole (2; 12), to be fastened to the bone, and of at least one bone screw (3; 13) to be fastened in said through hole (2; 12), fastening elements (5; 15) being arranged in the through hole (2; 12) and at the top end of the bone screw (3; 13) and engaging with each other. In order to allow various angular positions of the bone screw (3; 13) relative to the implant (1; 11) without cold welding, interlocking cams (6, 7; 16, 17) are arranged on the associated surfaces of the through hole (2; 12) and the bone screw (3; 13) as the fastening elements (5; 15).

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WO 2,010,049,361

Inventor(s): GRADL GEORG [DE]

Type of Offer: Sale

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