Prophylactic and Therapeutic Immunization Against Protozoan Infection and Disease

Polypeptide and polynucleotide vaccines effective to treat or prevent infection of a mammal, such as a dog, a cat, or a human, by a protozoan. Methods of treatment and prevention are also provided, including therapeutic administration of the vaccine to an infected mammal to prevent progression of infection to a chronic debilitating disease state. Preferred embodiments of the polynucleotide vaccine contain nucleotide coding regions that encode polypeptides that are surface-associated or secreted by T. cruzi. Optionally the efficacy of the polynucleotide vaccine is increased by inclusion of a nucleotide coding region encoding a cytokine. Preferred embodiments of the polypeptide vaccine include immunogenic peptides that contain membrane transducing sequences that allow the polypeptides to translocate across a mammalian cell membrane

US 20,100,297,173

Inventor(s): TARLETON RICK L [US]

Type of Offer: Licensing

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