Preparation of Alkenes By Mild Thermolysis of Sulfoxides

Embodiments of this disclosure, among others, encompass methods for generating alkenes under mild thermolytic conditions that can provide almost total conversion of a precursor compound to an alkene without isomerization or the need to chromatographically purify the final product By selectively blocking the amino and carboxy groups of the depvatized amino acid, the methods of the disclosure provide for the synthesis of a peptide having the vinylglycine moiety at either the carboxy or the amino terminus of the peptide The mild conditions for the thermolytic removal of an o-NO2-phenyl substituted aryl group ensure that there is minimal if any damage to thermally sensitive conjugates such as a peptide bearing the vinylglycine The methods of the present disclosure have practical applications for the preparation of unsaturated compounds under mild, thermolytic conditions.

WO 2,010,068,371


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