Cooling System for Nuclear Reactors

This invention of the cooling system for nuclear power plants, is to use a cooling system rare closed loop, with the particularity of using a cooling coil in a closed circuit liquid nitrogen cooling as an accelerator, and an atmospheric generator water to replace water which has been evaporated in the reactor.

On one hand, atmospheric water generator, works by converting atmospheric humidity into water. Allows produce water extraction from atmospheric moisture by a process of condensation, based on principles of physics, by running an air conditioning system where air humidity is condensed to produce water. The machine absorbs the air and deposited in a system that cools a series of plates on which is condensed air moisture, thus forming water flowing into a collector tank. For example, air at 20 ° C and 50% RH (relative humidity) contains about 7 grams of water per kilogram of air, while air at 30 º C and 50% RH contains about 14 grams of water / 1 kg of air. (1 m3 of air weighs approx. 1.3 kg).

Moreover the liquid nitrogen is known for its ability to maintain temperatures below the freezing point of water, and makes it very useful in a wide range of applications mainly as an open cycle of refrigerant.

Liquid nitrogen is pure nitrogen in the liquid state at a temperature equal to or less than its boiling temperature which is -195.8 ° C at a pressure of one atmosphere. Liquid nitrogen is colorless and odorless. Its density at the triple point is 0.707 g / ml. Is produced industrially in large quantities by fractional distillation of liquid air.
Would have a coil-type refrigeration system, comprising a spiral-shaped tube frequently, commonly used for cooling vapors from the distillation in a reboiler, and condense into liquid form. Is usually a material which conducts heat easily. The coil is a heat exchanger equipment to be in contact with water which returns return hot water cooled by the refrigerant at low temperature that circulates inside it, in this case liquid nitrogen and sent back through the ducts conveying the nuclear reactor.

This invention consists in the construction of a condenser and heat exchanger closed loop system using a cooling coil, wherein the cooling water is conducted into a capacitor through a duct which is guided into a coil in which the coolant fluid is composed of Nitrogen, Nitrogen generator located in the plant or the nuclear complex, thus ignoring the flow of water from a dam on a river or sea nearby. As a necessary safety in addition would have an atmospheric water generator, working converting atmospheric humidity into water, to replace that which has been evaporated in the reactor.

ES 201,230,418 issued 2012-03-20

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