Stroboscope Light for Subwoofers and Low Frequency Speakers

This is a brand new invention illuminating subwoofer speaker and allowing the spectator to see the rhythm and customizable speaker movement! The device is used to illuminate the subwoofer in an (car) audio system. By analyzing audio signal it enhances the visual rhythm of the speaker and could be used to create abnormal speaker movement illusion.

Spectacular 3D moving images, created on the membrane of a woofer will leave no indifferent observers and will heavily contribute to the appearance of the audio system.

The system consists of:
Audio signal analyzer
Light source controller
Light source

The membrane of the woofer is illuminated with ultra short light impulses. By “catching” the vibrating membrane in different positions of its total travel, it is possible to create an illusion that the membrane moves in a desired fashion at desired speed. In more complex applications, the membrane is exposed with several separately working light sources, by illuminating different parts of it. This allows creating impressions, that the membrane is bending, or that it is divided in few independently moving parts.

NOTE The controller does not influence the sound signal, it simply reads the signal. The regular movement of the woofer is just an optical illusion.

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JP 2,011,542,024 issued 2011-06-16   [MORE INFO]
US 13,141,778 issued 2011-06-23   [MORE INFO]
DE 2,009,835,313 issued 2011-06-29   [MORE INFO]

Type of Offer: Sale or Licensing

Asking Price: US$800,000

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