Environmental Energy Conversion Device

Present invention is related to energy conversion and using thermal energy spread
out in the outside environment it is the same energy which Sun, and other human
devices produce and release in the environment. It is modified process that used
for heat pumps; to pump-in the surrounding thermal energy in closed system and
convert it to work or mechanical energy by pump into multiple turbines cascaded to
thermal insulating chambers filled with refrigerants .
By cascading multiple turbine stages, boiling chambers and proper selection of
refrigerant a conventional thermal power plant capacity and efficiency multiplied.
Using renewable solar energy by boiling a low temp refrigerant cascading multiple
turbine, boiling chamber stages with properly selected refrigerant a substantial
amount of mechanical/electrical energy produced.

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US 2,012,110,987 issued 2012-08-23
IN 4,282,011 issued 2012-02-19

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