Non Pyrolysis 100% Liquefaction of All Cellulose Materials to Versatile Agro-Inputs & Mutipurpose Emulsion BioPolymers

This invention is about the novel heat-free liquefaction/conversion of carbohydrate/Cellulose materials like raw sugar/refined sugar, cellulose/cellulose waste, wood/forest residues and farm wastes to produce primary products applicable in pre-emergent weed control, CCA alternative in Wood preservation , Fertilizer building blocks

Secondary products are produced via defoamer/oxidizer processing , the secondary product is applicable as emulsion polymerization Initiator for converting all plant derived Tryglycerides as alternative process to metathesis process by Prof. Robert Grubbs of Caltech USA.

The emulsion biopolymer is applicable in coatings & Inks, masterbatch products in plastic coloring, composite products as flow additives in fossil-cellulose composite production endlessly.

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NG 200,879 issued 2008-08-28

Type of Offer: Licensing

Asking Price: US$500,000

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