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The 130’ Patent is a business process method – (covers all technologies and platforms – iOs, Android, HTML, XML, WAP, GSM, etc.) used today in all mobile shopping applications. The 130’ Patent is essential to the present and future of mobile shopping. The IP covered in the 130” Patent is being practiced by all North America’s leading retail shopping mall owners / and retailers by way of their current shopping applications. CLAIM CHARTS and further info on practicing entities available.

A shopper launches a shopping application on their mobile device. The application identifies and determines the associated shopping facility for that location. A menu of choices, specific to that shopping facility, is correlated (menu is organized as either a menu of retailers or a menu of shopping categories – user decides which menu they want to use).User selects from the menu their choice of retailer /and or shopping category, a marketing incentive or promotion is then returned to their device.

Specific marketing incentives and promotions are made immediately available to millions of qualified, active, shopping facility specific consumers via their personal mobile device. A 1 to 1, permission based, user initiated bi – directional immediate contact and communication with the mobile shoppers is achieved.

The 130’ patent currently has 1 Licensee – General Growth Properties Inc. (NYSE:GGP - second largest retail property REIT in the U.S.A) – licensed to practice the 130’ Patent for their shopping application – “The Club Shopping Mall Guide”- for use by all shoppers of their commercial shopping mall properties – currently 143 properties.

The 130’ patent has a litigation history and received a favorable claim construction ruling or “Markman” decision on March 27th, 2012, by Federal Magistrate William M. Conley – United States District Court, Western District of Wisconsin - all claim terms retain “Plain and Ordinary” meaning.

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US 7,805,130 issued 2010-09-28   [MORE INFO]

Type of Offer: Sale

Asking Price: US$2,400,000

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