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System and method for dynamically valuing social media influence in remote transaction initiation

A system and method for assigning a value to an electronic communications action by a user based on the social media profile of the user in the initiation of transactions based on some electronic communications action by a user, such as updating their social status with their mobile device. The value of the reward or distribution is variable as it is determined in real time from a calculation using the user's social media influence. The components of Applicant's invention include a system monito

System and method for automatically distributing tangible rewards for electronic social activity

A system and method for automatically distributing physical rewards based on a user updating their social status with their mobile device utilizing a system monitor, a validation module, and a redemption module. The system monitor continually monitors social media networks for social updates containing certain preset specified content. When such content is identified, the location and other preset criteria pertaining to the device transmitting the update is validated by the validation module. On

AUCTION: Local Content Management & Distribution System

Patent Auction by Order of Assignee . PATENT NO.: 8,447,642 (originally issued May 21, 2013) Internet-Based Publishing, Management & Automated Distribution System of Local Content Sealed Bids Due: April 20, 2018 (now accepting Stalking Horse Offers) This system automates and optimizes web and new media posting of local content and advertising. This patent represents a method and system for the publishing, management and distribution of local content via a var

Modular Drone and Methods of Use

There are two essential components to the patent described in further below. The first component includes utilizing drones in various capacities of Warehouse Monitoring, Inventory Management, and and various logistics optimizations. The second component of the patent covers direct marketing via drone technology utilizing opt-in software at the user level. Various exemplary embodiments relate to a drone. The drone may include: a navigation unit configured to determine the location of the dron

Marketing Method Mobile Shopping

The 130’ Patent is a business process method – (covers all technologies and platforms – iOs, Android, HTML, XML, WAP, GSM, etc.) used today in all mobile shopping applications. The 130’ Patent is essential to the present and future of mobile shopping. The IP covered in the 130” Patent is being practiced by all North America’s leading retail shopping mall owners / and retailers by way of their current shopping applications. CLAIM CHARTS and further info on practicing entities availabl

Large scale liquid crystal structures

A liquid crystal structure (200) comprising first and second reflective regions (214a, 214b, 214c) arranged to reflect respective first and second colours. The first and second reflective regions (214a, 214b, 214c) are disposed transversely to the direction of reflection (R). Each region includes a reflective back area and a selector (210) controllable to control light reflected from the region. Furthermore, a controllable reflector (212) is superposed over the reflective region in the direction

DESIRE Recommender System

Successful e-commerce websites, including, eBay and Netflix, use recommender systems to increase overall sales, cross-sales and up-sales. Any time you see product suggestions on a website, you are seeing a recommender in action. Multiple recommenders can be combined to provide even better suggestions. DESIRE is an especially effective recommender system that dynamically interprets user behaviors, such as product viewing times, to infer their preferences and recommend products. It

Patented instant win card system for sale or license worldwide. Advertising. Contests.

An award winning innovation in advertising, marketing, contests and lotteries. A patented product that combines the thrill of an instant win with a rich interactive online experience. Six figure repeat sales with major brands and multi-nationals achieved in one year. Key markets include durable goods retailers, telecommunications providers, sports teams and events, trade show marketing, brand name apparel, food services and entertainment. Engages the consumer in two-way dialogue and has be

System and Method for the Distribution of Advertising and Associated Coupons Via Mobile Media Platforms

Patent includes a mobile phone that presents advertising to persons STANDING NEAR a mobile phone user during a non-handsfree call. Mobile phone user may receive free talk time for using phone in this mode. Additionally, the patent includes a means to measure the effectiveness of a mobile advertising campaign.

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