Toilet Bug

The toilet bug is a versatile product that will spark laughter in any environment. This product is capable of not only comical elements, but also can educare as well as be a friendly reminder! Wouldn't it be a new experience for you if whenever you flushed a toilet you heard " Don't forget to wash your hands!" Or "About time you finished. See you later!" The toilet Bug is a small bug-like object that attaches to the toilet tank, and triggers as the toilet is flushed and the water level goes down. It quickly sets off a saying and quietly stops after the water level fills. The Toilet Bug can be used in homes everywhere as well as businesses, restaurants, bars ("don't drink and drive!), etc. There are so many things that could be said by the Toilet Bug in different envronments. This is not just for comical purposes, but a great way to inform and remind. This product will sell millions......

US 14,552,582 issued 2012-12-21

Type of Offer: Sale

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